Family Engagement Week

For the past six years our Kindergarten students have piloted a half day schedule for the first week of school.  This has been a very positive experience for our West Valley families and their kindergarten students.  We will be extending this program to include all grades this fall.  This will give families and teachers an opportunity to connect early on and share expectations and goals for the upcoming school year. We believe early engagement with our West Valley families will lead to better connections throughout the entire year and help in meeting the needs of our students.

Family Engagement Week will be Tuesday, August 27 through Friday, August 30.  Students at the elementary level will be released at 12:10pm and students at the secondary level will be released at 11:00am. Transportation will be provided.  Breakfast will be provided to all levels and lunch will be provided at the elementary level. Conferences will look a little different for each school.  Expect information regarding your schools Family Engagement Week early in August.  We are looking forward to starting the 2019-2020 school year in a positive collaboration with our West Valley Families.