A Successful McTeacher Night for our Cottonwood Elementary School

Jan 31, 2023

Our Cottonwood Elementary staff members joined the fun participating in a recent McTeacher Night at our local McDonalds restaurant. What is McTeacher Night you may ask? McTeacher Night is a fundraiser through the PTSA dedicated to our Cottonwood Elementary school where staff members reverse roles with the staff members of the local McDonalds.

Teachers and staff members were taking orders, working the drive up window, and serving the local patrons. You name it, they staffed it! Our Cottonwood Elementary had an amazing turnout from our community, and raised $1,300 in just three hours. They also sold several coupon books and A LOT of chocolate chip cookies.

Principal Michelle Siguenza says: “It is such a great way for staff, students and their families to get together outside of school, and we can’t thank our PTSA and Staff enough for making McTeacher Night so successful!”