Cottonwood Elementary-Impressed with Their New Kindergarteners

Sep 27, 2022

“Our new Kindergarteners at Cottonwood Elementary are wonderful and ready to learn,” says Principal Michelle Siguenza. This is the result of our Cottonwood Elementary students honing their skills for learning the classroom rules. The new Kindergartner students in the Class of 2035 have been busy learning all the daily rules and routines such as; lining up, raising their hands, washing their hands, going to recess, and more.

Schoolwide behavior expectations and classroom rules are often used in conjunction with one another. Examples of these two working in alignment can include examples such as the behavioral expectation of being respectful. The classroom rule aligned with this behavior is to raise your hand. Another example of the behavioral expectation is being responsible. The classroom rule that aligns with responsibility is being to class on time.

The purpose of defining and teaching classroom rules is to try and lower disruptive behaviors in the classroom and minimizing the number of teacher reprimands. When students know exactly what behavior is expected of them, they are able and more likely to demonstrate these important behaviors in the classroom.

As Principal Siguenza reiterates, "These new Kindergartners are wonderful and have adapted to the classroom rules beautifully. Go CLASS of 2035!"

Cottonwood Students